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We are reputable among our customers and suppliers all over the world. We are a large used medical equipment dealer, specializing in buying and selling used medical imaging systems in good working condition. Our pre-owned diagnostic imaging systems include used CT scanners or CAT scanners, used mammography, used MRI scanners, used cath labs, used angio labs, used cardiac labs, used PET/CTs, used ultrasounds, used x-ray radiology rooms, fluoroscopy rooms or R/F rooms, used DR rooms, used CR readers, used laser cameras, used dry cameras. We also have a huge inventory of used parts for sale. Our warehouse constantly has complete systems and spare parts in stock for all brands and modalities such as GE Sytec, GE ProSpeed, GE HiSpeed, GE LightSpeed, Siemens SOMATOM CTs, Siemens Balance, Siemens Emotion, Siemens Sensation, Siemens Volume zoom, Siemens Plus, Toshiba Asteion, Toshiba Aquilion, Toshiba Xvision, Toshiba Xpress, Philips Tomoscan, MX8000, Marconi MX8000, Picker PQ6000, Picker PQ5000 Picker PQ3000, Picker PS2000, Philips PQS, Philips Brilliance, Philips AcQsim, Picker Ultra Z, GE Advantx LCA plus, GE LC Plus, GE LC+, GE Innova 3000, GE Innova 2000, Siemens Angiostar Plus, Siemens Multistar TOP, Siemens Coroskop Plus, Siemens Coroskop T.O.P, Bicor, Siemens Neurostar TOP, Siemens Axiom Artis, Philips Integris V5000, Philips Integris V3000, Philips Integris BN3000 Philips Integris H5000, Philips Integris H3000, Philips Allura, GE Senograph DMR, GE Senograph DMR+, GE Senograph 600T, GE Senograph 800T, GE Senograph 2000D, INSTRUMENTARIUM Mammos, Siemens Mammomat 3000, Siemens Mammomat Novation DR, Larad M3/MIII, Lorad M4/MIV, GE Signa, GE Ovation, GE Lunar, Siemens Symphony, Siemens Magnetom, Philip Intera, Kodak CR850, Kodak CR800, Fuji AC3-CS, Agfa CR75, Kodak DryView 8300, Agfa drystar, etc..

Contact Information
You are welcome to contact us for any equipment or parts not found on our web site or for any questions you may have. Please call or email us with your contact information or fill out the inquiry form.



Company address:
3 Corporate Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512