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PHILIPS Integris HM2000

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1998 Integris HM2000. MRM x-tube made in March 2010 and repalcedin May 2010. barely used. Has a 9”II, one 2010 table side control box, one 2009 table control. Whole system was upgraded 3 years ago. Integris VISUB rel 8.2.1. IDSC rel 4.1.7, SYSCO Rel 11.8.1. High resolution dyn Imaging, Dark Vessel Crossing Bone, Biplane Ventriculart Qualif.Package, Fix Black Saturation LUT's, Coronary Qualif. Package, Analytical Qualif Package, Manual Qualif package, Image Quality, Digital Dynamic Imaging, Vascular Qualif. Package, Dicom Ready, ACCVN Application, Combo Flash, TCOP Diagnostic software. Was under Philips service contract at time of removal. Now just got deinstalled and available from our warehouse in PA.

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