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GE Signa Contour 4B MRI

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Signa Contour 4B 0.5T manufactured in 2000 and upgraded in 2003 to Contour 4B and to newer software in 2005. Short-bore magnet. 9.1 M4 software running on IRIX 6.5.15m Rev 6_15.4.a operating system. system includes control console, external host computer, Gradient Power supply(GPS), Integrated Power Supply(IPS), Filter cabinet. A lot of coils such as Head, CTL, TL, Shoulder, 3" and 5" GP, GP flex and more. Nemoto MRI injector. All types of phatoms. Deinstalled recently by GE with smooth ramp-down. Magnet has become warm due to transportation. Available immediately from our warehouse in PA.

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