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GE 2004 Openspeed Excite II MRI

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2004 GE OpenSpeed III 0.7T MRI, End of 5 year leasing term. Was under full service contract with GE and on UPS for the 5 years. Only 2-5 patients/week. Excellent working and cosmetic condition. Deinstalled and delivered By GE in July 2009. Ex warehouse in Orlando, FL.

Signa Openspeed III
3D Fiesta For Excite
Openspeed Diffusion Imaging Package
Openspeed DW-EPI Option
Functool 2000
Openspeed Scantools 2001
HFO/I Magnet
Head Coil
HFO 2 Body Coil Set
0.7T Breast Array Coil
0.7T Extremity Array Knee/Foot Coil
0.7T CTL Spine Array Coil
0.7T Shoulder Array Coil
0.7T Phased Array Wrist Assembly
Openspeed Neurovasc Array
Openspeed Body Flex M
Openspeed Body Flex L
18¡± Color LCD Monitor
Smart Prep Option, Software
HFO3 Octane2 With software
Reflex 4000B Excite II

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