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2002 CTi Reveal HD single slice PET/CT

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2002 CTi Reveal HD single slice PET/CT, Manufactured 2002 ECAT REVEAL ¨CHD,ECAT HR+ featuring 3D acquisitions and CT based attenuation correction ,288 Bisthum Germanate (BGO) detectors 'Crystal Dimensions 4.05 x 1.39x 30mm deep ,64 detector crystals per block, 24 Number of detector rings ,18,432 total number of crystal , 47 contiguous planes , 2.46mm (0.1 in) plane spacing, 82.4 cm (32in) detector ring diameter , 70 cm (27 in.) gantry aperature , 15.5 cm (6.4) axial field of view The CT imaging capability of the ECAT Reveal-HD consists of the SOMATOM EMOTION featuring a full range of SPIRAL CT clinical applications with highest performance. , FCTM (ultrafast ceramic ) detector system ,Siemens DURA 302 high-performance CT x-ray tube assembly, with 200,000 slices/second count, Tube current range 30 to 240 mA 80s spiral acquisition, Computer workstations include IES Wizard with a LCD Monitor. ICS, IRS, PRS and ACS. The system was in very good condition and was last serviced 3rd quarter of 2008. The unit was on a quarterly service plan with Siemens until deinstalled. It was deinstalled by Siemens engineer professionally

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