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2004 Mobile Biograph Duo PET/CT

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We own this Siemens Biograph Duo LSO PET/CT Mobile. Biograph Duo manufactured in 2004. Mobile trailer manufactured by Medical Coaches in 2004. On-board Hot lab and patient areas. Length:46'(14.0M), Width: 102"(10.1M, Height: 13'5"(4.05M), Rear Axle: 35,000 lbs.(15,909 kg, Total Weight: 57,000 lbs.(25,909 kg, Power Input:480 V, 3 phase 60 Hz 150 A, Generator: 70 kw Diesel; Side Skirt Compartment, HVAC: 108,000 BTU cool/18 kw heat. Expandable sides, dual 14' x 2' - emergency crank. All-aluminum body with lead linings and doors. Rivetless 0.80" side panels, 60% thicker than most mobiles. Front hydraulic leveling jacks; electrical level indicators. Hydraulic patient lift mounted in protected side compartment, with emergency hand pump. Currently up and running, under Siemens Service.

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